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Well hello there!

This is my first post on my new look blog! Thank you for stopping by. Pull up a pew, make a coffee, grab a cake and let's get started shall we?

My name is Caddy, I am a 40 something proud Yorkshire lass. Where is Yorkshire? It's in the North of England. Stark country for all Game of Thrones fans, except with happier weddings and no incest. Yorkshire is a truly beautiful county, Emily Bronte wrote about it in Wuthering Heights and old men rolled down hill in bathtubs in it on 'Last of the Summer Wine'. It's stuffed full of hills and it rains......a lot.

Initially I decided to start this blog as a form of memory box. This year I was blessed enough to marry my best friend in all the world, Chris or lovely Chris as he shall be on this blog. We have a lifetime of adventures planned, including lots of travel and I would love for the blog to become something I can look back on in my twilight years and feel a warm glow about all the experiences we were truly lucky enough t…

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