Sunday, 12 August 2012

Mo Farah - 'Anything is possible, it's just hard work and grafting'

Mo and Usain - Mobots and Lightning
Last night Mo Farah won the 5,000m race at the Olympics, completing an amazing double, adding to the Gold Medal he won for the 10,000 metres.

During the post match interview Mo said 'Anything is possible, it's just hard work and grafting'

Whenever I am struggling with training or my eating, I will think of this amazing man and that inspirational statement. (I might even do the 'Mobot'!).

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Golden Post Boxes and Inspiration

I hope you are all enjoying the Olympics. I am loving it! I would watch it 24/7, if I could. I have enjoyed sports I have not really watched before and have been moved by the passion and dedication of all of the athletes, so much so that it has inspired the next phase of my weight loss. (I'm due to update you on Saturday about how it has gone this week - I am enjoying it so much and am hoping for a loss this week!)

So in the UK, whenever we have a Gold Medal winner, the Royal Mail will paint a post box gold in the winning athlete's home city! In my home town, we are very lucky to be celebrating Ed Clancy's win in the cycling Team Pursuit! I feel very proud that we have a Gold Medal winner who trains down the road from where I live and am proud of all of Team GB. Last night Chris and I decided to visit the golden post box and take a picture for posterity.
Ed Clancy - Amazing Gold Medalist!

There are golden post boxes popping up all over Great Britain and it seems that I am not alone in being inspired. Everywhere I look there are new joggers, people blowing the dust off their bikes, unpacking long-forgotten swimming costumes and the gym is constantly rammed. The message of this Olympics is 'Legacy', to inspire future generations, and encourage everyone. It certainly seems to be working!