Thursday, 28 August 2014

Well hello there!

Do you have one of those friends, who you don't see for an absolute age, but who is always in your thoughts and who, when you see them, you pick up instantly where you left off? I am lucky to have a number of friends like that (I'm looking at you Nina, Kate M, Kate H and Bec) I also feel that way about this blog. 

Last year I was starting to blog regularly and then the wheels came off a bit. (Well a lot!). Without going into too much detail I was diagnosed with depression brought on by stress. I hadn't read the warning signs and it kind of crept up on me. Whilst I am still not 100% (lord knows I am still the most stressed person at work! - my poor long suffering colleagues), I am starting to stick my head back up over the parapet and one thing I have realised is that I have missed my blog. 

And so here I am. One thing that is certainly not helping is my weight! Boy did I put on that bad boy! And so I am bringing it back to old school and going back to my first love - running. I am following a brilliant 5k running plan created by Runs for Cookies and it is lovely. Today I got to see my village on a beautiful sunny day. 

So I have picked up with two good old friends - this blog and running. 

It's nice to be back..... So how've you been? 

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Headspace....being honest

Hey there,

I hope you have all had a fab weekend. I had a lovely weekend as I went to visit my gorgeous friend Bec. The weekend was ace and was made even better when as a surprise, she had arranged for another friend James to come too. We heard a knock on the door, which Bec answered and suddenly they were both there! Yay! We had fun swapping stories. We all used to work in bookshops and I am not joking, some of the stories you couldn't even make up! It was lovely.

I love travelling anywhere with Chris as it really gives us some good chatting time with no distractions and I shared a lot of my concerns with Chris about my eating.

So long story short, my eating has gone out of control. I am binge eating a lot and filling up on loooots of chocolates, cakes and sweet things. Do you want to know the sad thing? I don't even enjoy the food anymore. I am eating mindlessly and stuffing the nearest thing into my mouth when I am stressed or tired or happy or sad or indeed feeling any emotion at all! A lot of this is long term stuff which I deal with, but then every now and then rears it's head again. So last week I did a menu plan, with lots of 'healthy foods'. I started exercising which was great. But just did not fancy any of the food I had planned for myself.... And so ended up eating fish and chips and other takeaway goods......gaaaaagh!

One day, all I fancied for my lunch was a cup of coffee from Costa.... And so I went and bought a sandwich, packet of crisps, yogurt and a chocolate bar, none of which I was fancying. Again I say arrrrrgggghhhh.

I place a lot of stock on whether I think a food is healthy or not. So rather than really fancying a particular food, having it and enjoying it and then not fancying anymore, I will not have it because it does not fall into the healthy category. I eat a perceived healthy food, don't enjoy it, eat something else, beat myself up, eat something else and then beat myself up some more.

And so this week, I have decided to try and take a chill pill about food. I am going to reacquaint myself with Billy blanks Tae Bo DVDs. I have bought a new one of his called 'cardio inferno' it looks a toughie! But I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to doing it. I'll let you know how I get on!!!

Monday, 24 February 2014

This week's workouts

Gym 1 hour programme

Gym 1 hour programme (at 7am!)

Gym 1 hour programme

My new gym workout

Hi there, hope you have had a good start to the week. In my last post I talked about my session with one of the sports centre staff and completely forgot to share with you my brand new workout! (Doh!) anyhoo, without further ado - here it is!

10 minutes treadmill using one of the programmes at Level 2/3
10 minutes cross trainer using one of the programmes at Level 8-12 (level 8 nearly killed me!)

3 x 15 reps Chest press
3x 15 reps Shoulder Press
3 x 15 Tricep Pushdown
3x 15 Bicep Curls
3 x 20 Leg Extensions
3 x 20 Leg Curl
3 x 10 Leg Raises (laid down)
3 x 45 seconds Plank (Please note this is something to aim for, I am unable to plank for 15 seconds at the moment!)
3 x 10 sit-ups on a half ball (slithering off optional hahaha)
3 x 10 knees to chest

What does make me giggle is that I do the triceps and biceps on this structure where all the big boys work out! They are lifting enormous weights and because I have the arm strength of a T-Rex, I am lifting the tiny weights tee-hee!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Weighed in, weighed in... Week 1

New weight 18 st 9lb
Weight lost 2lb
Total weight lost 2lb
BMI 38.5 (obese)
% weight lost 0.76%


This was a tough week this week and to be perfectly honest my head is totally in a tailspin as I think I am trying to focus too much on my eating which is leading me to get quite worked up about things....and breathe. So for next week, I am trying to take a chill pill and relax about food, shifting the focus to my exercise. I love how I feel after exercise (definitely the endorphins kicking in!), so am looking forward to getting reacquainted to my old faithful....Billy Blanks here we come! 

The post in which I fall off a Bosu Ball

Since, ooh well before Christmas, I have seriously not being feeling the exercise thang and have been 'playing' at it somewhat. I decided that it was time to take this by the scruff of the neck and give it a good shake. I can be quite lazy, when it comes to exercise and if I'm honest, depending what what mood I'm in, I will not push myself as much as I can. So I decided to take myself off to the gym and speak to one of the instructors about setting me up with a programme designed to challenge me. He certainly delivered!

So I am now doing programmes on the treadmill and cross trainer.... How did I not know about these before! Holy smoke they are fab! So you choose how you would like the workout profile (e.g. Short burst of energy/a steady build up/more work at the end etc.) then how long you want to do it for, and then finally at what level. The machines up gradients, resistance according to the programme and if you feel it's too easy or too hard you can up or down your speed accordingly.

My instructor then gave me lots of exercises on the weight machines, doing high amounts of reps. The idea my arms or legs should be burning by the end of the exercise and boy were they ever! I made the classic rookie mistake of saying 'oh this feels quite easy' after 3 reps, my instructor smiled knowingly and after 40 reps I had sweat in my eyes and was nearly crying with the pain. Hahaha!

My instructor asked how my core was, I said I didn't think I had one, he laughed again and in a James Bond villainesque use way said 'oh we'll soon find it'. (I swear if he had a moustache he would have been twirling it!)

So, after some debate about what constitutes a sit up. (Apparently my 'lady sit-ups ' just weren't cutting the mustard - I knew this when he looked me dead in the eye and asked 'can you do a man sit up' hahaha) I was made to sit on a Bosu ball and asked to do a sit up. Bosu balls are like a Swiss ball cut in half. I leaned back to start my sit up and promptly slithered off the back!! It was so funny we both ended up laughing! Just for that alone, I got given a few more core exercises.

My new programme is really challenging and I was really pleased I went to see the staff there. They really know their stuff and it will definitely push me. If, like me you are really feeling a bit meh about the gym, go and see the staff. They will find out what you like, what you do 'to like and more importantly what you are capable of.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Weighed in, weighed in....

Hahaha, my sister and I used to say that to each other whenever we had been to a Slimming World class!

So today I am starting anew, trying to make small changes to my diet, and increasing my fitness levels. I have a weight goal in mind, but am still playing around with it. As soon as I have finalised it, I'll let you know. So when I weighed in this morning, I weighed

18 stone 10 lb

Phew! Little bit embarrassed about that one, if I'm honest. It's not my heaviest weight I have ever been, but it is up there. I'm going to weigh in each Saturday and share how I have done with you.

Wish me luck!

And I'm back in the room.....

Hi there,

I've had a bit if a tweak of the blog. I hope you like it. I'm taking my inspiration from the Winter Olympics. For the first time, I've managed to watch it and it's been brilliant. All that snow is making me wish that we had, had some good winter weather. (At the moment the British weather has been wind,rain,wind,rain with a bit of wind and rain added in!)

I'm going to be posting a bit more for the coming month! yay! I have missed the blogging! Also coming up will be my personal weight loss relaunch. If I am honest, I have not had a lot of motivation for a number months now and you know when you feel like you are merely toying with something, well I am in that place. My weight has been steadily creeping back up and my fitness levels have dropped soooooo much. I'm really excited to be getting back to it as I've really missed it. I hope you'll come along for the ride as well!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

This is 40!!!!!

Hi there,

Hope you all had a great weekend. I certainly did as I had rather a significant birthday to celebrate! (That's right I'm 23 again!). 

My birthday celebrations started when I got into work on Friday morning. 

Check out my pug bag! 

Well if I can't have an office pug, then a bag will have to do! 

In the evening my work went out for my colleague Sarah's leaving do. I stuck to the sparkling water as I knew I would be park running the next day. 

I improved my Park run time by 40 seconds which was a great start to the day and got to see our new windows in the daylight. They look amazing! 

Chris and I baked bread and watched Flash Gordon in the afternoon with a glass of prosecco. I was then told to get ready for a night out. Chris wouldn't tell me where, but assured me that "I would get fed" (what can I say - I always like to know where my next meal is coming from!). Then it was time to go.

Chris said that our friends were going to give us a lift into town. They did and then carried on driving out of town. (I was beginning to think we'd been kidnapped) but then we pulled into Bar 315. As I walked through the door I found 12 of my friends sat there all ready to have a meal!!

Chris had completely surprised me! My friends are like my family and I could not imagine a more perfect birthday than spending it with the people I love. 

A bunch if us came back to ours and had more wine and prosecco and played Cards against Humanity. Then at midnight, my friends wished me Happy Birthday! 

I received some amazing presents including these ear muff headphones for running. 

I received vouchers, stationery, pink fizz, books, and beautiful flowers. I was a very spoiled girl indeed! 

I have such an amazing and brilliant bunch of friends and family and I love them all. Everyone had been so thoughtful and generous. My sister was so worried about not getting a card to me, she sent 3! And 2 bunches of flowers, and I can't wait for her to come and visit us. 

My biggest hugs and cuddles though go to Chris, who knowing what I would love, set out and organised it. A career in MI6 beckons based on his top secret actions! 

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Martine Holston Define your Year workbook

Hi there,

Hope you are all doing well. First of all I have a great picture and quote to share with you. The card was sent by one of my old colleagues and started the year on a very positive note indeed! 

I had great fun with th'ipad trying to take these photos. At one point it took about 16 shots of my hand. I won't be sharing those I can tell you! 

Chris and I got our weekends off to a great start by doing our first Park Run in forever. It was soooooo good to go back. I was involved in a game of overtake/be overtaken with one of my friends. She has been consistently going and has recently done her 50th run and completely owned the mini race we were having! We definitely spurred each other on though. I was chuffed just to finish. It was so lovely to be back. My body is not forgiving me today mind. I ache in such weird places! My bottom, tops of my arms and tummy all taking the brunt. Am hoping a hot shower will sort it all out!

In my last post, I mentioned that I was working on the Martine Holston Define your Theme workbook. The idea is to create a theme for the year, rather than new year resolutions and will define how you are and how you live your life rather than what you are doing. You can learn more about this at where there is a copy of the workbook I have used to Download and write in. 

The first section is a warmup section, asking you about highlights of the year just gone. (Mine included watching the triathlon, visiting my sister and doing 2 coaching courses). Then thinking about 3 things to leave behind (being constantly poorly was definitely one of those!), thinking about how I have changed and what I want to be in the next year, what I want to do in the next year, how I will fell this time next year and asking what I want. 

The next section is finding your theme. This involved going through the warm up stages and picking out words that are repeated or really speak to you, looking up their definitions and then whittling it down to one or two words. I had definitely circled lots of healthy, energise, joy, balance type words. I looked up the definitions and found synonyms of the words and then looking over the words, picked out the word which really spoke to me, and dare I say, gave me butterflies. That words was:


To cause to feel happily refreshed and energetic
To make cheerful or merry
Syn: invigorating, thrilling, refreshing, uplifting

Step 2 is defining your theme. I went through the different areas of my life and wrote down what living this word would mean for areas such as Heath, friends and family, love, career and spirituality. 

Step 3 is bringing the theme to life by setting 3 small goals and one big, scary one. 

Step 4 is integrating your theme into daily life - how are you going to remind yourself of it each single day? 

Step 5 is setting some checkpoints and step 6 is announcing it to the world! 

I really enjoyed doing this exercise. Quite often I set myself unrealistic goals and then beat myself up about them when I fail to complete them. This is great though, as it gives you a state of mind that I can live my goals by. 

I would really recommend this workbook to do. (My sister has also had a go and loved it!) it takes about an hour, so set yourself up with a lovely hot cuppa and a quiet hour by yourself and enjoy! 

Monday, 6 January 2014

Massive Monday

So it was a very appropriate question of the day today - what is the toughest thing you have had to do today? That was an easy one! Get out of bed at 7am to go back to work after the Christmas break! My goodness, I think there were hibernating bears who were less sleepy than I am. 

It was lovely to see everyone at work again, less sure about actually being there and getting up early! But I was told that it was Massive Monday today. Apparently on this date is usually when most people make massive, life-altering decisions such as choosing to divorce, hand in their notice etc. why today? 

I guess the extra days off at Christmas give us a good time to reflect on our lives. With having the flu (which we are finally getting rid of thank goodness) we didn't have anything else to do but rest, recuperate, charge batteries and tackle the odd tin of Roses. I got to do my 'Define your Theme' workbook, which I loved doing and which I am going to blog about in my next post. I now feel more focused on my goals and theme rather than charging head first trying to do 330 worthy goals all in one go without really thinking about what my goals mean to me. I also discovered a great new phrase called 'unit thinking'. This is the principle of focusing on one thing at a time and giving all thought to a task. I need this so much. I cannot do a task, watch TV, exercise without thinking of the next thing I should be doing, watching, working out at. At times my brain goes so crazy I can be doing one thing and thinking of 15 other things at the same time, and 'to do' lists? Don't get me started! I have a to do list of which the last thing is to write another to do list! Instead it is recommended to write a to do list of one task and then you can focus entirely on it, rather than splitting yourself in many directions. 

It is a brilliant principle and one which I confess I find quite hard. You feel like you could just keep an eye on the emails, whilst doing a task, which you are doing at the same time as another task. For me, I feel more productive if I am juggling 15 things. 

Today, I decided to turn it on its head and apply 'unit thinking' at work.... It was brilliant, tough but brilliant and I definitely had a more productive day than usual. 

This has turned into a bit of a rambling post! But what I wanted to say was I hope everyone got time to have a rest, recuperate and generally have a good mull over things.! 

Ooh and if you fancy a different question of the day.....
What was the last restaurant you had a meal in? 

Friday, 3 January 2014

Down.....but not out

I hope you are all doing good and if you have set any goals that they are cooking along nicely! So for the first time in about 8 years, Chris and I have until 6 January off work. ( we used to both work in retail which meant about 2 1/2 hours off each Christmas). We had an amazing Christmas visiting our parents and returned back home for a new Years Eve party on 30 December. The rest of the time was going to be spent getting ready for 2014. You know the sort of thing - planning food, workouts, spring cleaning the house, having a good old sort.

We had planned to start our year with the New Years Day Parkrun. What better way could there be to starting off our New Years! 

On the journey home from a lovely New Years Party with our friends, Chris began to get sick, really sick . I'm talking flu here. It wasn't pleasant and we both had a horrendous night's sleep. We din't go to Park Run and then I got poorly too. (By the way, I discovered I make a shocking nurse. Poor Chris!) 

And so we are both having to take it really easy and rest. I'm going to get a cuppa and spend an hour with the workbook I was telling you about. In the meantime, spare a though for Chris who is having to cope with Nurse Ratchett looking after him!

Rebecca's question of the day is a good one today! - Can people change? 

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had an amazing Christmas and enjoyed celebrating the new year. I currently have a poorly flu ridden Chris at the moment, so am making lots of lemon drinks and trying to keep him warm.

2014 is going to be a big year for me as I have a rather significant birthday this year! I am very much looking forward to it and will be setting myself plenty of goals for it too! 

Talking of goals, I am in the process of deciding on my new year resolutions. As a rule I tend not to make New Years Resolutions, but with it being such a momentous year, thought it would be great to do some goal setting for the months ahead. To help me plan, I received a great email from Martine Holston in which you receive a free workbook to enable you to imagine how your life will look 12 months from now. The link can be found here:

Martine Holston

I'm really looking forward to sitting down with this, and am already looking forward to sharing my goals with you! 

May I wish you all the very best for 2014. Thank you for taking time to read my blog, leave comments and be superstars! 


P.S  Chris' lovely sister Rebecca got me a fabulous journal. Each day poses a quick question. I'm going to share each one with you. So to start.....

What is your mission for 2014?