Tuesday, 17 March 2015

My weekend

Hey there,

I hope you are having a great week so far. I still need to recap about my Harry Potter experience which was amaaaazing, but am waiting to download the 9000 photographs I took first. So I'll share with you this weekend instead today. 

So in the UK it was Mother's Day, so what better than to have a weekend with our mums. First up, we went to see my mum. We had a good natter and got to play with the latest addition to the family.

Meet Ebony. Isn't she gorgeous. Ebony is a 14 week old cocker spaniel. She is so lovely. She loves to have a cuddle and just stare at you, she also likes to nibble ears and pinch socks. We had a great time catching up and playing with this little one. She is still in that lovely puppy stage where she has 4 legs and at times they don't all work in sync. There were a couple of face plants, I can tell you! I had so many cuddles with Ebony, that my mum and dad were threatening to search my bags when we left. After what felt like too short a time, we made a move to visit Rick and Christine who were staying at their lodge in Lincolnshire. It was lovely to catch up with them and Jo and Pete, who came too. 

We watched the rugby in the bar with a few drinks and then made our way up to the lodge when it was ready. We enjoyed a good tea and provided dessert. Christine gave us the strongest hints that it must be profiteroles as both her an Chris LOVE them. At night we played a great but slightly terrifying board game called Pandemic. It was good fun, as all the players work together, rather than against each other. 

The next day, Jo and Pete had to leave early, so we went to the spa and I enjoyed the jacuzzi and the hottest sauna I have had in a long time! I don't know if it is my age, but the last two saunas I went into have been seriously hot. Maybe I'm turning into a sauna wuss. 

After lunch we made our way back home and chilled for the evening. It was a great weekend. 

Are any of you watching Fortitude at the moment. We are loving it, but after each episode turn to each other and say 'what is going on?!' We definitely have more questions than answers. Really enjoying though. 

Have a great day xx

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Weekend recap part one

Hey hey, how are you all doing? I hope you are having a great week so far. 

It's funny to be posting about my weekend on a Tuesday and it only be part one. It will be the next weekend before I know it. I will just post about weekends. Hahaa! Sounds like a plan to me. 

I had a fab weekend after what was a bit of a rubbish week. We curled up on Friday night and watch Gogglebox. That programme kills me. Who would have thought that a programme about people watching telly would be so funny. 

We did a few jobs on Saturday morning and then it was time to settle down to watch the opener of the ITU world triathlon series. It was in Abu Dhabi. First up was the women's race. Last years world champion, Gwen Jorgenson, was outstanding. At the start of the run, she was a minute down on the leader. She made up the time and overtook fast runner after fast runner, eventually winning the race. 

Then it was the men's race, with Yorkshire's Jonny Brownlee. The race was great. Jonny came 5th. He was doing really well, but then I'm not sure what happened during the swim-bike transition. He was at the front most of the way round and going into transition disappeared to the middle of the pack. Because the super fast runners got ahead, he held on for fifth place. Interviewed later, he said he made some errors but the first race is all about ironing out the kinks. 

Inspired by the amazing triathletes, I suddenly had a major hankering to go to the gym. It has been so long since I went, I forgot the way! Haha. I did an old, forgotten favourite and did a Caddy Tri !!! ( a 3k row, 10k bike ride and 3k run) love, love, loved it. 

Once we had finished, I did not fancy the tea we had planned and said to Chris that I had a real hankering for prawns and avocado. We popped to the supermarket and picked up a few bits. When we got home we had The Best Salad Ever. I inhaled it so did not mange to get a picture. But it had spinach, crumbled feta, balsamic vinegar, red pepper, prawns and avocado. Yum yum. It totally hot the spot!!!! 

Right I'd best get the day going. More weekend stuff tomorrow! 

Friday, 6 March 2015


Hey, hey, 

It's nearly the weekend!!! We've almost done it folks. This weekend is the start of the ITU triathlon World Series, with the first race being run in Abu Dhabi. I can't wait. There are more races this year. Chris and I are looking forward to watching the race. Sadly Alastair brownlee is out for this race due to a turned ankle, but we will be cheering Jonny on! 

I'm hoping for some inspiration. I have not had a great week this week with the moods. In fact it's been quite rough. When I am like this I refer to it as the 'screaming ab dabs' (lots of tears and roller coaster emotions). It is not pretty. Depression is such a weird thing, things can be merrily going along as normal, and then it comes and bites you on the bum. Not fun. 

It's led to lots of soul searching and chats with Chris (he is the best to sound ideas off) and on Wednesday felt I had hit a big watershed moment.  It led to the best nights sleep ever! 

I am also reading the most amazing book. It is about dieting and what it does to our bodies and proposes a new way of eating. There is a lot about it that makes complete sense, and a lot that applies to life in general. I'm looking forward to sharing the book with you and what I've learned from it. At the moment, I'm making notes about it (weird I know). 

Anyway I'm not trying to be cryptic or anything. I think I'm just rambling now.! 

Right I'm off to get this day started. Have a good one!

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Bisexual glasses

Morning everyone, 

Hope you are all ok. The weekend is nearly here!!! 

Yesterday started with some lovely news, one of the blogs I featured on yesterday's post had an important announcement - she is 17 weeks pregnant!!! One of the comments is that it is funny how you can be so happy for someone you have never met and its soooo true. I have been reading the blog for a few years and was made up about the news. So many congratulations to Ryan and Julie. 

I met 2 of my former colleagues and nearly spat my soup out when Pat told me a story of her visit to the opticians. Having selected a new pair of bifocal specs, the assistant said that she could choose another pair half price. Pat decided on a new pair of sunglasses and as she couldn't remember the word for bifocal asked if the sunglasses were bisexual. Haha! Pat makes me giglgle so much. Adrian was also recounting stories whilst out delivering boxes about various strangers asking him for a lift home, including one old gent who asked Adrian to wheel him back to his sheltered housing as he was tired. (The chap was in a wheelchair BTW, Adrian wasn't sticking him on a trolley or anything) and Adrian being a kind chap, did. 

Then it was onto the evening meal where I met up with the Honley Ladies Gin and Stripper Nights. We always have such a giggle when we are together. The Honley Ladies are a group of neighbours and we have been going out together every few months or so for about 6 years. It's a great way to get together, and we always have such a giggle.

Right I'm off to get this day started....with another cup of coffee!

Have a good one xx

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

My favourite 3 blogs

Happy Wednesday! Without wanting to wish our time away, after today we are on our way to the weekend. I have a very exciting weekend planned and Chris will be joined by a certain 4 legged friend who turned 5 this week!

Today, due to some well dodgy planning, I am out for lunch and dinner. I am meeting some of my work colleagues retired and current for lunch and then for tea I am going out with the Honley Ladies Gin and Strippers group. Now before you think this blog has morphed into something different let me explain... We are not really strippers but decided to call ourselves something a little outrageous. We do drink gin, but we don't strip. Glad I cleared that up. 

I wante to muse today's post to signpost you to some great blogs that I read regularly. These blogs are amaaaazing and encouraged me to create this blog. I don't blog as a career, but I love having a record of things that I have done, people I have seen, books that I have read. You name it, it'll probably be in here. So here are the blogs that I love;

Written by Tina, this blog covers healthy, balanced eating, keeping well and fit, crossfit, running. Tina has just had a beautiful baby boy and shares what it is like to be a new mum. Tina has had some health issues, which she honestly and openly shares and which has helped other people. She has the most adorable pug called Murphy. I love this blog as it was one of the first I stumbled upon. The recipes are great and Tina shares recipes for all occasions. She has a brilliant balanced view on eating (the title of the blog should give it away). 

Julie has just moved to Charlotte with her husband Ryan and dog Sadie. Julie blogs about healthy eating, fitness, fashion and her adorable dog, Sadie. I love this blog as Julie is always so upbeat! She also shares what she eats which provides some great menu planning ideas. 

Please don't think I am obsessed with peanut butter in any way😄
Written by Jen, this is a beautiful blog with amazing photos. Jen is a yoga instructor, trainer, cross trainer, food blogger and mum to 2 beautiful golden retrievers. This woman is a machine with all of the fitness that she does, but her passions shines through and again has a wonderful balanced view of eating, so the blog does not feel preachy in any way. Again, there are great recipes to follow and I have actually cooked a few. (The pork loin recipe is pretty awesome!).

All 3 blogs post every day as a rule. Looking at my words above I defiantly seem to love my blogs that have fitness, balanced eating and cute dogs. Check them out! 

Have a good one! 

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Book Review - A Christmas Feast by Katie Fforde

I read this in February, which was a bit daft of me, but no less enjoyable. 

I've been a fan of Katie Fforde's books since she first published The Rose Revived' and I love how she writes about very capable heroines. Women who, when faced with a difficult or unusual challenge role their sleeves up and get stuck in. This book is no different and just as enjoyable as her other ones. I also love an author who can tell us that her passion for horses and salsa gets in the way of her real passions such as ironing and cleaning. Haha - my kind of author! 

A Christmas Feast is a collection of short stories put into a Christmas menu. We start with canapés and small bites, which are the shorter short stories (bear with me here folks), followed by the starter, then a longer short story for the main followed by dessert, cheese and coffee and mints. Each story is stand alone, following a different heroine and have women at all stages of their life from 20 something's, to divorcees to single mums. There is a lot of cake and coffee eaten (and there's nothing wrong with that) and any situation can always be solved with a good cup of tea. 

As I said, I've been a fan of Katie Fforde's for some time and as I have never been a fan of the short story, I was unsure how I would fare with this. I shouldn't have worried. It's great. The stories are all up to Katie Fforde's usual standard and are funny. When I read a Katie Fforde, I always feel like I am putting on my favourite pair of slippers and joining the heroines for a piece of cake and a good brew. 
Good cosy reading to be enjoyed at any time of the year. 

Book Review - The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks

Hey there, 

Hope you are all ok and enjoying the week so far. I promised you book reviews right?....

The Longest Ride is the 17th novel by Nicholas Sparks, many of whose books have been adapted for the big screen. The story starts with Ira Levinson, who is laying in his car on a snowy night after an accident. His wife Ruth, who has passed away appears beside him and in order to keep him alive, talks through their wonderful life together. Ruth adored art and seeing how overjoyed his wife was with paintings, Ira would purchase them for her. Night turns into day as Ira remembers a tale of a Scandinavian who survived following a car accident for 72 hours.

Interspersed with Ira and Ruth's story, we meet Sophie Danko, a student at a local college who one day meets a bull rider, Luke! who is having to risk his life every time he rides to save his farm. 

For much of the book, I felt unsure about what would happen. Would the 2 couples meet? Would Luke save Ira? Would Luke save his farm? Nicholas Sparks has you hooked from the get go" Ira and Ruth's story was most poignant and was written beautifully as Ira remembered memories and moments from his life with Ruth. This contrasted with Luke and Sophia who were starting out on their relationship. 

I really enjoyed this book and felt invested in the characters, especially Ira and Ruth. If you love Nicholas Sparks, then you know what you are getting. It's nice to know that this has been picked up and will be made into a movie. 
Curl up with this, with some chocolate, a good cup of tea and lose yourself. 

Have a good day XX

Monday, 2 March 2015

This time.....

Morning all, hope you had great weekends. 

So after some of the most stressful weeks ever, I am hoping that I will be back to my regular hours. So I have got up, arranged a run with Cath.....and it's snowing heavily. Now, I know the Brownlees would be out there come rain and shine, but when faced with an indoor workout in the warm or an outdoor one in snow and hail, which do you think I've gone for? Haha. 

I've loads of bits to catch you up on. It's been a while! 

First up, I had a fab weekend. Chris was visiting his lovely sister in Norwich and catching up with his friends. I couldn't get the time off so stayed at home. In Friday I went out for somebody at work who is retiring after 40 years. She is one of the kindest people I have met and will be very much missed, we had a great meal out. On Saturday I did Parkrun! Woohoo! A combination of bad weather, cancellations and laziness on my part have meant that I have missed a few, so it was the first one back in a while. It was tough but I managed it in 44mins 58 secs. I am very pleased with this time after so long away. It was helped by my friend Laura who was at my ankles most of the way round, Cath got a good time as well and we returned home feeling very virtuous. 

That night we had a girly night. Cathys husband Janne made us a gorgeous tea, 'an Italian banquet' and Cathy made us a hummingbird cake which was delicious. We sat and chatted and watch poor Madonna falling off stage at the Brits (wasn't she a trouper for carrying on). The girls walked me back at 1am and I spoke to Chris to say goodnight. 

The next morning we headed off to the Farm shop for a breakfast. I was sooooo hungry, it was untrue. I had a full English and then another piece of cake at Cathys. It has been lovely, I picked Chris up at 2pm and we snuggled down and watched 'edge of tomorrow' or 'live, die, repeat' or whatever it's called these days. I had missed Chris loads, he had a great time and said it was lovely seeing everyone. 

I have finally finished my cosching essay. Woo-hoo!!!! Having not done an essay for about 20 years, it was sooooo hard, but felt a massive sense of relief when I handed it it, followed by a sense of terror at the idea of waiting for the results, eek. 

I have lots of books to review. (Well 3). So will try and get those up this week. 

Have a great day. Xx