About Me

Hey there, first off thanks for stopping by. I hope that you enjoy and maybe have a giggle at what I get up to.

So I have just turned 40 and am quite overweight. (Ok very overweight). I have tried every diet in the book, including some well dodgy ones off the t'interweb. With the help of my gorgeous friend Kate, I am now making some small lifestyle changes to get away from my bizarre thinking about foods and am learning to really love exercise. I want to share these with you in my blog.

I live in the North of England with the lovely Chris, who features quite a lot in my blog and I have a wonderful bunch of friends and family who also feature quite a lot too.

My blog is almost like a journal of what I get up to, lightbulb moments about diet and exercise and a record of other life changes I am wanting to make. You know sometimes when life starts down one direction and things click and change and suddenly you find yourself in a whole new place, well I'm definitely having a lot of that at the moment!

 I'll always be honest, even when I'm feeling rubbish, but at heart I am an optimist. (I also think I'm the funniest person I know, but don't tell anyone!).

So that's me! Please feel free to comment. I'd love to hear from you!

Ooh, I also use exclamation marks, a lot....

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